Linseed Oil Paint 100% Natural, the way paint used to be!

The finest Swedish house paints now available here

Proven and trusted in Europe, now Ottosson linseed oil house paints, made in Sweden, are available in Australia and New Zealand, distributed exclusively by Ekopaints Ltd.

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Ottosson linseed oil paints sold exclusively by Ekopaints

Ottosson linseed oil paints is a brand of eco-friendly, non-toxic house paints produced in Sweden, for indoors and outdoors, which are 50% less costly, easily maintained by applying linseed oil and now sold exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Ekopaints.

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Linseed oil paint is made using linseed oil, and linseed oil is made from linseed, and linseed is grown from flax plants, like those in this flax field. This is why linseed oil paint is sustainable and renewable and non-toxic. And because it is plant based it’s molecular structure is such that it allows this paint to spread much further and penetrate into the surface it’s painted on. Thus linseed oil paints provides far better protection against water damage than what conventional paints can ever do.

It is organic

It is only made from linseed oil and the natural pigments that make the colours in the paint, so it is as environmentally friendly as it gets…


By volume, Linseed Oil Paint covers 2-3 times a greater surface area than Plastic Paint and at the same time provides better protection to the painted…

No Harmful Fumes

Unlike plastic paints, linseed oil paint is natural so there are no harmful fumes that emit from this paint…

Long lasting protection

Linseed oil paint soaks right into the wood or plaster that it is painted on and so provides far better protection against moisture damage than conventional paint does, which only sticks to the surface…


Linseed oil paint has far greater elasticity than conventional plastic paints, so can and should be painted on thinly to give the best results, plus there is no need for primers….

Easy to Maintain

Another amazing advantage Linseed oil paint has over conventional paint is that by applying a single coat of linseed oil, it works to completely restores the linseed oil paint back to new, so there is no need to repaint…

We have long been protecting our cricket bats with linseed oil, now we can protect our homes with linseed oil paint!


Well the fact is everyone used Linseed Oil Paint for painting everything up until the 1920s when Plastic Paint was developed by the Petrochemical industry. But over the last decade Linseed Oil Paint has been rediscovered and has made a big comeback in Europe and North America and now it is available in New Zealand.

First and foremost, because it is good for the planet. It is made from natural materials. Far less energy is expended to produce it than conventional paints and it is made without fossil fuels. Linseed Oil Paint is sustainable and renewable, Plastic Paint is not.

You can paint almost any surface; untreated and treated wood as well as MDF boards. You can also paint pressure-treated wood that has dried outside for at least a year. If you want to paint with linseed oil paint on old plaster that works too. New plaster can be painted after approximately 6-8 weeks when the surface is ph neutral. You can also use linseed oil paint for plaster, tiles, glass and metal.

You can also paint on carefully brushed and washed surfaces that are painted with alkyd paint, acrylic plastic paint, distemper, silicate, lime wash and lime. Do not paint with linseed oil paint on surfaces that contain silicone or wax. Avoid painting on surfaces with a moisture content of more than 15 percent.

Adhesion – Linseed oil has fantastic adhesion properties and in general adheres to all types of surfaces. in our experience the paint adheres well even when applied to surfaces painted with other types of paint

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