Red shades

RED shades – outdoors

Red shades on a façade are perceived as being stronger and lighter. They also lessen in intensity a little against blue. When it concerns red facades, Sweden has a strong tradition within the Falu Red – oxide red area. Red shades that are stronger and | or have a more bluish tendency than the more traditional shades, are easily perceived as being loud when painted on facades. The red pigments that we use mostly include various iron oxides, burnt terra and red ochre. As Falu Red calcimine or limewash is traditionally used in many situations in Sweden, we are often asked which of our linseed oil shades best corresponds to it.

Our answer is 1A-222 Deep Iron Oxide Red is the shade that best corresponds to Falu Red calcimine, and Falu Red is the shade that best corresponds to the Light Falu Red calcimine.

The designation English red describes an iron oxide red shade. We also produce a lighter variant 10A, and a slightly darker shade 48A. Iron oxide minium is used both as a rust protection paint on metal and for wood.

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