Yellow shades

Linseed oil paint outdoors – Yellow shades

Yellow shades on a facade are perceived as being lighter and often a more intensive yellow. A beautiful bright yellow shade sample easily results in the facade having a too bright yellow appearance. To acquire a beautiful yellow facade, a colour sample should be chosen that looks slightly dirty. It is these more subdued yellow shades that belong to the Swedish facade tradition.

In our yellow shades we use the following pigments: various yellow ochres, iron oxide yellow, nickel-titanium yellow and other inorganic metal combinations. Some are mixed with white, umbra and black in order to achieve the correct balance.

The designation “yellow ochre” is well-known to many and has been extensively used throughout history.

The best pigments today are still obtained from soil deposits around the Mediterranean and vary in shade from yellowish brown to reddish brown. Iron oxide yellow is produced from scrap iron and has a somewhat brighter yellow tone than ochre. Thus this pigment is the result of a recycling process.

To further enhance the clarity and yellowness of e.g. Sun yellow, nickel-titanium is added and the pigment bismuth. These are inorganic metals that are stable, light-fast and approved. They replace the previous commonly used chromium and lead pigments.

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