Linseed Oil Paints Indoors

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Linseed oil paint is made from colour pigments and Swedish cold-pressed boiled linseed oil. Where possible we use only inorganic products which are less sensitive to light than organic pigments. Many inorganic pigments occur naturally in the ground and are excavated, e.g. yellow ochre JTLCES.

The range for indoor and outdoor usage differs for a few paints that are specifically made for such purposes. However, most standard paints can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

Linseed oil paint provides a good finish on most surface materials such as wood, plaster and metal. Linseed oil paint has excellent adhesion and penetration qualities. The paint ages beautifully and is easy to maintain without scraping and the required time needed between repainting is long. When choosing paint for your home, bear in mind that colour is perceived differently when exposed over a large area. Therefore it is a good idea to test paint before choosing a specific shade.

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