Linseed Oil Soap 0.5 litre pump bottle


Our own manufactured Linseed oil soap is handcrafted and made of Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil. Linseed oil soap is naturally oily and acts to moisturize the skin.
Linseed oil soap has a wide range of applications such as general cleaning, cleaning brushes and hands when painting with linseed oil paints and in surface treatment. It contains potassium hydroxide, linseed oil fatty acids and water with no perfume additives. The low pH-value 9-10 renders the soap mild and gentle to the hands.

We received an interesting tip from a taxi driver who said that the best way to clean dirty leather seats was to use 1 part linseed oil soap mixed with 8 parts water. Spray on using a spray bottle and then wipe off with a cloth. Once the surface is clean, allow it to dry. Linseed oil soap is also used within health care (e.g. foot care).

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